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About Us

Gulf Masaber Co. (GMC) is a well established healthcare management consultancy firm based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GMC is privately held Saudi corporation owned by healthcare consultants. With our extensive experience in diverse healthcare systems we provide our customers healthcare solutions leading to better care for their patients. GMC leverages its intimate knowledge of the local healthcare industry in the middle east to provide added value to our clients. Our clients include both the government and private sector healthcare providers who seek to improve the quality of healthcare services provided in a cost effective manner. We at GMC work with our clients to improve operational, financial and overall quality performance indicators by offering a wide range of service.

  • Hospital wide management and consultancy including strategic planning, appropriate market positioning as well as design planning
  • Department specific management and consultancy with IT solutions, and performance improvement benchmarking
  • Performing a needs assessment
  • Recruitment and HR services
  • Skills development
  • Compliance with JCIAO and ISO standards
  • Quality resource management
  • Medical information systems deployment
  • Project Design and management
  • Business management
  • Healthcare Feasibility studies and cost analysis
  • Pharmaceutical industry analysis and strategic planning
  • Healthcare insurance

Through our experienced associates, we are able to design, implement and monitor state of the art process by using advanced management techniques.